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Origins of the "sutadon" bowl

In 1971, the "Sapporo Ramen Kunitachi branch" was founded, and its owner had the vision of offering filling meals at great prices for the young up-and-coming generation of workers. Through trial and error, what started as a back-kitchen meal for the staff evolved into the "sutadon."
With the kick of garlic-enhanced soy sauce and a standard portion that is 3 rice bowls' worth of food, the dish quickly became a hit among our best customers and eventually made its way onto the regular menu.

The "sutadon" became beloved of nearby university students and office workers, not to mention hungry local youths. Thus, the "Meibutsu sutadon no mise" was spun off as its own store dedicated to serving this dish.

Nationwide expansion

The shop changed its name in 2004 from "Meibutsu sutadon no mise" to "Densetsu no sutadon-ya" and then opened within Tokyo's 23 wards area.

A turning point came in 2006 when, at a shopping facility bringing together the most famous rice bowl vendors from around the country, our dishes succeeded in accounting for over half of revenues.

This led to the "sutadon" becoming known throughout Japan. Our CEO, Mr. Hayakawa, was even more convinced that this was a chance to have the people of the world learn about this delicious item, so we began in earnest to open locations across the country.

And now, the world!

In 2011, we launched our franchise business, which rapidly sped up the growth of our shops.
Although we had just 3 stores in 2000, by 2012, that number had climbed to 60. That same year, we opened stores in Hong Kong and New York. In 2013, we opened a shop in Los Angeles. These shops served as opportunities to begin test marketing "sutadon" by serving it to local diners.

In May 2015, we then opened our 1st full-scale overseas location in Chicago. In March 2016, our 2nd shop went live in Torrance.

Going forward, we actively plan to expand throughout the United States and Asia.
We know that our ability to grow this far is owed to each and every patron who has supported our shop and been a fan of the "sutadon" since our earliest founding days.

We will continue putting our all into every dish we serve and bring delicious and energizing "sutadon" to people everywhere.


Company Name
21151 S. Western Ave. Suite 168 Torrance, CA 90501
President Hideto Hayakawa
Executive Managing Director Jun Hayakawa
Director Hideki Morimoto
Employees 8 / Part-Time 25
Founded / Established
August 4th, 2014
Business Functions
Food Business:
"Densetsu no sutadon-ya"