This place is my favorite in the Mitsuwa Marketplace! I would give it a 4.5 because I had to wait a little longer for my order, but I forgive it because there was a huge line. The cashier was so sweet, I messed up my order and she fixed it.

I ordered the Sutadon a while ago and tonight I find myself craving it’s salty taste, and it’s something I ate in Japan all the time when I was a student. So, it’s authentic and tasty. I tried the fried rice, it’s literally the BEST FRIED RICE EVER. They cook it individually and it’s amazing! Their soup is okay, and the karaage is delicious, but one time it was warm instead of hot.

there is a seating problem in the food court, so I usually take my orders TO GO, which is AWRSOME, I’m pretty sure they’re the only places that does TO GO orders. I’m coming back here all the time!