What is


“Sutadon” is a filling and energizing meal. It is made with thin slices of pork belly mixed with “Secret Garlic Soy Sauce” on low heat, and then blasted with high heat in a Wok. After it is finished cooking, it is served on a giant bowl of rice, equivalent to 3 bowls of rice (around 350 grams of rice).

It originated from a Ramen shop in Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo in 1971. The founder and owner wanted the “Younger generation to eat something that’s cheap and filling”, so he came up with the “Sutadon” as a provided meal. The customers that came often saw this food and the rumor spread, and was made into a menu item at the Ramen shop.

Its unique taste that has never been seen before and the impact of its volume spread through word of mouth around the store, and is now a No.1 favorite, even after over 45 years.

Please have a taste of the bowl that tickles your taste buds with the special soy sauce and the smell of garlic!

Five Locations to Energize Your Body

In 2013, we opened a shop in Los Angeles. These shops served as opportunities to begin test marketing “sutadon” by serving it to local diners. In May 2015, we then opened our 1st full-scale overseas location in Chicago. In March 2016, our 2nd shop went live in Torrance.

We Are Hiring

We are currently seeking an OOOOOOO for our location in OOOOOO. The ideal candidate is a team-player, dedicated to excellence, hardworking, and committed to our client’s success.